Here is the front brake upgrade that many people talk about. In 1998 Blazers, Jimmies and Bravadas received dual piston floating pin calipers. The rotor diameter remained the same, but the extra clamping force of the twin pistons makes for better braking. A few things have to be realized first. You cannot just simply bolt the new calipers on the S-10 or Sonoma trucks. The entire knuckle (or spindle as it's known in the 2wd world) needs to be swapped out. Also you will need the unit bearing hub and the corresponding rotor as the one piece hub/rotor with tapered roller bearings has been done away with.

Here are some shots fresh off the 2000 Blazer:


So here is what I started with, the old crappy single piston sliding rail caliper. Check out the brake dust from the cheap Advance Auto Parts semi metallic pads. Also check out our method for removing the ball joints. It involved a grade 8 nut and bolt with an impact socket and small plate to spread the ball joints from the old knuckle. This worked much easier than wailing with a hammer on a pickle fork. Not to mention I didn't tear up my dust boots J Now the whole assembly just fell off complete.

The new parts went on very easy after being cleaned up:

In the last photo, I was able to keep the original truck brake hoses. The bracket on the frame needed some slight bending. Also I added a spacer and longer bolt for the hard line clamp. This helped point the brake hose straight downward as is found on the Blazer.

After doing this swap the truck stops even more quickly now. Hardly any pedal effort is needed to stop. Along with the rear disc brakes, this was a much improved upgrade over the old calipers. Money well spent indeed.