Frame and Drivetrain


Once again starting from the ground up, the frame was treated to the same process as the van. Everything was removed, pressure washed, hit with the 7" grinder's wire wheel, rust remover applied, then the Rustoleum primer and black enamel.

Above you can see we added tabs to the rear of the axle housing. These are to hold the Dana 60 sway bar on the backside of the axle.

Here you can see the frame primed and the leaf springs got the same treatment as the van's springs. The axle was also cleaned up with new gaskets, axle shaft bearings and seals, and new brakes (no discs yet). We also noticed the front axles had new kingpins and bushings in place so we left them alone and just cleaned and primed them as well. The front coil springs and a few other components were cleaned the same way, just no photo was taken (probably got lazy with the camera). Now it is ready to be put back together.

New red Prothane poly bushings at all vital locations. Monroe shocks from the auto parts store. Check out the trick sway bar mounts.

The driver's side headers fit perfectly whereas the passenger's side needed some trimming on the frame for them to clear. Using the cut off wheel in the die grinder and problem was solved.

Above is the modification to the tranny cross member to fit the 2.5" collector pipes without hitting. Instead of going dual exhaust I thought it would just be easier to make it single. Well it was easier all for the part where two merge into one. Some crafty metal working and it was solved. The muffler is from my brother's 2001 SD diesel. It should sound neat seeing as how when we removed the muffler from his truck, the exhaust noise didn't get a whole lot louder.

The final installation of all the components. This truck had dual gas tanks. The midship tank was gummed up and all rusty so we trashed it. A replacement from broncograveyard was ordered but not installed yet. The rear tank was in great shape so we cleaned and painted it. Last is the sway bar for the front.