Paint and Assembly

The frame was completely stripped of any brackets or bolt-ons. Then it was treated to the 7" grinder's wire wheel. After that it was cleaned with mineral spirits and lacquer thinner to remove any oils. Next we painted on rust remover to further prep the metal. Once that dried and did its magic, the remains of the rust remover were then sanded off to give a rough surface for the Rustoleum primer to stick to.

As for all of the pieces that bolt on, same process as the frame received but some were sandblasted for additional cleaning. All pieces were then primed while hanging on a wire to dry fully before being able to bolt everything back together. Finally once everything was bolted back on the frame wearing primer, we sprayed on the Rustoleum gloss black enamel with an air sprayer.


Here is the frame primed and assembled with all new grade 8 bolts. This pic was taken a week after Hurricane Charley in August '04. The Chevy in the background worked great for removing fallen trees.



Here is the frame painted Rustoleum black enamel right after Hurricane Frances again in August '04.